Volkswagen Ideography

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is a brand that needs no introduction. Volkswagen was looking for some fresh designs for their welcome kit, which is given away to trainees and new employees of the Powertrain Department. Hungry for innovation and to add value to the trainees work experience gave birth to the Volkswagen Ideography Competition. The brief was to design freebie kit products for the newly joined trainees of powertrain department. This project was one of the award winning entries in this competition.

Project partner – Alija Sule

Oct 2012


Powertrain department is the creator of the core of the automobile and their work involves a lot of technical precision. The lack of playful element makes the work very serious and tiresome. We decided to add a little element of fun to their lives. Our playful designs would bring about a much needed breath of fresh air to their rather serious profession.

volkswagen 1

Handy Stationery Items: Roll to win dice like pencil, planner diary to plan your moves and a limited edition Volkswagen pen and badge to literally wear the brand on your sleeve.

volkswagen 2

Leave you mark Calendar: Rate your day on the scale of 1-6, 6 being really good and 1 being really bad and stamp it on the poster calendar using the dice. Retrospect on the year gone by.

volkswagen 3

Think while you drink: Reflect on your thoughts over a cup of tea/coffee.

volkswagen 4

What’s on your mind? Scrabble magnets: Write motivational messages, remember birthdays or express anything that you are pondering over with these splendid Volkswagen themed Scrabble magnets.

volkswagen 5

Travel the world postcards: Plan your travel, pin all the places you have ever wanted to see, explore or have been to. These postcards can be put on the wall as a poster, sent as an envelope or even used as a picture frame. Dream, Pin, Travel with Volkswagen.

volkswagen 6