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Studio +91 is the UI, UX Design Studio of Microsoft IDC Hyderabad, India. With an exceptional work quality, Studio +91 is the only design studio of its kind that caters to all domains of UI, UX design products of Microsoft. For all sorts of telephonic communication +91 is the dialling code for India. The studio gains its identity from the country it represents. Apart from the main 5 month long UI, UX design project I worked on, this was one of the smaller projects where I contributed.

Designer: Nikita Kanade
Industry Mentors: Varshesh Joshi, Manjiri Deshpande

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Apr 2014


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Studio +91 annually hosts a one day design event called the UX day. The topic for the 2014 UX day was ‘UX in the time of flux’. Organising, hosting and branding of the event is the sole responsibility of Studio +91 designers and design interns. The Studio +91 identity was released in April 2014 during this event. I was a part of the three people design and layout team for the give-away poster for the UX day. My contribution was to create a grid and layout for the A5 size folded poster which unfolds into an A0 size wall poster to revile the studio identity. My other minor duties included data collection, data segregation and supervising print and production.


Identity card and badge concept for the UX day.


An A5 size folder poster which showcases the work done by the studio in the current year and unfolds to an A0 size wall poster to revile the Studio +91 identity.

studio +91 90

UX day 2014 team: Organisers – Studio +91 designers and design interns along with the speakers.

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