Kagaz Kulture

Branding / Print & Publication

Kagaz Kulture is a boutique of handmade paper and its products in Pune, India. Kagaz is a word of Urdu origin, meaning paper; while the culture (kulture) of preserving the traditional art of paper making and its other manifestations in varied forms, has inspired the founder Mr. Dhandiwal to collectively coin the name Kagaz Kulture. The various aspects of the brand such as the brand personality, logo, colour palette, visual language, typography and all other collateral’s were defined to create a holistic brand experience.

Dec 2012


Drawing inspiration from the global brand presence with its roots in Indian origin, a calligraphic Devnagri form was crafted for the logo, while the logotype was explored in Roman script. The identity looks visually appealing in black on any colour background. Black was chosen to depict finest quality world class product and elegance.

kagaz kulture 1

Kagaz Kulture initials in Devnagri (ka and k) combine to form the logo.

kagaz kulture 2

Some of the initial explorations – Devnagri ‘k’ and Roman ‘K’

kagaz kulture 3a

Logos characteristics of long and slender form were the source of inspiration for choosing the Roman logotype. The preferred corporate identity and an alternative landscape identity for various brand extension adaptations. Keeping in mind the readability and legibility of the corporate identity it should not be reproduced in a size which is smaller than 38 mm or 1.5 inch in width.

kagaz kulture 3

The identity was then adapted onto the visiting card, price tag, gift tag, stationery and promotional posters.

kagaz kulture 4

Stationery: Keeping in mind the Indian context of the brands origin and handmade paper products, khaki colour was chosen for the stationery. The identity is prominently exhibited on one side, where as price and product details are marked on the other side.

kagaz kulture 5

Promotional poster: For an art show of handmade paper articles as displayed in art colleges and corporate houses using sophisticated display methods, while on the other hand traditional method of displaying the poster outside the exhibition hall and using the tree surface as a pin board for a mass context were used.

kagaz kulture 6

Gift tags: Decorative Indian forms which can be used creatively and also be customized as per the occasion were stamped with the identity.

kagaz kulture 7

Price tags: Noticeably sticks out with a prominently stamped logo and price for every product.

kagaz kulture 8

Kagaz Kulture branding project is an award winning project in ‘The Battle of Design Projects’ competition entry under the Graphic Design and Visual Communication category in Pune Design Festival 2013. Pune Design Festival or PDF as it is more popularly known as is organized by Association of Designers of India. PDF 2013 opened a dialogue to showcase work and individuals who are using design to reconstitute new values, better life and rekindle growth. The theme for PDF 2013 was ‘Regenerate’.

kagaz kulture 9

Creative Gaga
Magazine is a knowledge-rich publication about the best in graphic design, animation, contemporary art and illustration. Unbiased, appreciative and focused, it is about the latest trends in the trade and expert-speak. Kagaz Kulture branding project also featured in Creative Gaga Magazine Typography Special Issue Jan – Feb 2014. Kagaz Kulture was the only student feature in the pool of creatives across the globe.