Jelly Jar

Branding / UI, UX Design

Jelly Jar is a new range of fruit jelly products. The initial research suggested that the available brands of jelly in India are very few as compared to the international market. Tapping into this insight, I thought of introducing a new variant of fruit jelly which would reach out to the International as well as the Indian customers. This project was one of the award winning entries in the WorldSkills Competition 2013.

WorldSkills International is a platform to promote Vocational Education and Training in countries across the globe. WorldSkills Competition (WSC) includes 50 skill sets. Graphic Design is one of the skills where I participated. I stand as one of the top two qualifying national level competitor for WorldSkills Competition 2013, Graphic Design category scheduled in July at Germany. This project was sent for the preliminary qualifying round for selecting the top 50 candidates across the country for the regional level. The task was completed in 8 hours.

Nov 2012


Drawing inspiration from the dripping viscous blob of jelly, the identity was crafted from a type with similar visual association.

 jelly jar 1

Packaging Graphics: On the lid of the jar and parts of which are replicated on the jar and the cloth cover. The jar’s transparency helps showcase the natural fruit extract colours adding to the aesthetic value of the packaging and in turn facilitates an attractive dominant shelf presence.

jelly jar 2

Jelly making process from raw fruits to canning.

jelly jar 3

jelly jar 4

jelly jar 5

jelly jar 6

Jar packaging was inspired from the traditional ceramic jars used to preserve food items like pickles. The brand personality was derived from the jelly’s attributes which are viscous, translucent, delicate and pure.

jelly jar 7

New range of fruit jelly products are packaged in PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), which is a food grade recyclable plastic. Injection moulding method is used to make these jars. Jars unique shape with no corners at the bottom eases the access of the jelly till the very last bit and avoids wastage. The lid is covered using a coarse cloth using a jute string to give it a traditional look with a stamped logo on the top. Vinyl sticker label printed by laser printing method is used on the jar to denote the necessary packaging details (brand name, quantity, price etc.).

jelly jar 8

jelly jar 9

jelly jar 10

jelly jar 11

A perfect setting for the Jelly Jar ready to be consumed.

jelly jar 12

Brand extension: The simple, smart yet elegant corporate stationery and website.

jelly jar 13

jelly jar 14